If you ever visit Edinburgh Scotland and ride a tour bus, it is more than likely that along with all the Castles and monuments, the bus will take you by a tiny little statue of a Scottish Terrier dog named Bobbie. Everybody in Scotland knows about Bobbie.

Bobbie belonged to a policeman in Edinburgh. Every day the policeman went out on his beat, did his rounds and right at his heels was little Bobbie. He went to the same tavern at the end of the day, every day, and had a little refreshment. Everyone in the tavern knew Bobbie and loved Bobbie and would throw him scraps from the table. He’d go around and visit everybody. Then they would go home and Bobbie would spend the night with his master. The policeman died, but lo and behold, Bobbie kept walking the beat. Every day he went out and did the same rounds he had done all his life with his master. And when he finished walking the beat, he went to the same tavern, and all his friends greeted him and threw scraps from the table. Except that after his master died, they would throw larger scraps and sometimes a bone with meat on it, And then Bobbie would leave and go out to the cemetery, and there he would lie down on his master’s grave and spend the night. Everyone heard about Bobbie. It was in the newspapers all over Scotland. Then by order of the Queen, when Bobbie died, he was buried in the cemetery beside the grave of his master. He had followed his master all of his life and he continued to follow even when his master was gone!

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