Historic Sermons Archive


"A Caution on Bigotry"
"A Prospect of Revival"
"A Solemn Embassy"
"A Warning To Believers"
"All Joy in All Trials" 
"Almost Christian"
"An Israelite Indeed"
"Are You Mocked?"
"Baptism - A Burial"
Buying The Truth"
"Causes Of The Inefficacy Of Christianity"
"Children of God"
Christ All in All"
"Christ Is All"
"Christ's Marvelous Giving"
Christ's Resurrection and Our Newness of Life"
"Christ The Best Husband"
Christ the Only Rest for the Weary and Heavy-Laden"
"Christian Perfection"
"The Circumcision Of The Heart"
"Coming to Christ Sermon"
"Communion with Christ and His People"
"Concerning Christian Liberty"
"Converting Sinners - A Christian Duty"
Creations Groans And Saints' Síghs"
"Christ the Support of the Tempted"
Daily Blessings for God's People "
"Daniel: A Pattern For Pleaders"
"Deaths Duel"
"Directions How to Hear Sermons "
Divine Destruction and Protection"
"Does God Answer Prayer?"

"Encourgament For The Depressed"
"Faith For Resurrection"

"Found By Jesus, and Finding Jesus"

"Free Grace "
"God's Approbation of His Works"

"God's Gift of His Son"

"God's Gentle Power"

"Gods Love For  A Sinning World"

"God's Love To Fallen Man

"Gods Word In Our Heart"

"Good Cheer for Christmas"

"Heaven: Its Hope"
"Heaven Inhabitants"
"Human Life A Dream"
"Important Question"
"In What Sense We Are To Leave The World"
"Infant Salvation"
"It Shall Not Be Forgiven"
"It Is Sometimes So With Me That I Will Rather Die Than Pray"
"Jesus' Surrender Of Himself"
"Light at Evening Time"
"Look to Your Motives"
"Lord, teach us to pray."
"Lost and Found"
"Love, A Sermon"
"Many Mansions"
"Marks of a true Conversion"
"Milk Of The Word" 
"National Sins And Miseries "

"Of Evil Angels"
"Of Former Times "
"Of Good Angels"

"Of Hell"
Of The Church"

On A Single Eye
"On Attending The Church Service"
"On Charity"
"On Conscience"

"On Corrupting The Word Of God"
"On Dissipation"
"On Divine Providence"
"On Dress"

"On Eternity"
"On Faith"
"On Faith & Coming to Christ"

"On Family Religion "
On Friendship With the World
Our Glorious Transforming"
"On God's Vineyard"
"On Grieving The Holy Spirit"
"On Knowing Christ After The Flesh"
"On Laying The Foundation Of  The New Chapel"
"On Living Without God"

"On Love"
"On Obedience to Pastors"
"On Perfection"
"On Pleasing All Men"
"On Predestination"

On Public Diversions"

"On Redeeming The Time"
"On Refuges of Lies"

"On Riches "
"On Schism"

"On Sin in Belivers"

"On Temptation"

On The Omnipresence Of God"
"On The Danger Of Increasing Riches"
"On The Death of Rev. Whitefield"

On The Discoveries Of Faith"
"On The Education of Children"
"On The Fall of Man"
"On The Holy Spirit"
"On The Resurrection of The Dead"
"On The Trinity"
"On The Wedding Garment "

On Trusting In The Mercy of God"
"On Visiting The Sick"
"On Zeal"
"Original Sin"

"Our Lord's Sermon on The Mount"

"Our Lord's Sermon on The Mount (3)

Our Lord's Sermon on The Mount (4)
"Our Surrender To Jesus"

On Worldly Folly"
"Pardon For The Greatest Sinners"
"Popular Excuses to Avoid Salvation"
"Power Of God's Word"

Prayer and Labor for the Gathering of the Great Harvest"
ressing Into The Kingdom of God"

"Salvation by Faith" 
From Sin"
"Scriptural Christianity"
"Self Denial"
"Separated Unto The Holy Ghost"

Sermon for Palm Sunday"
"Shall We Meet Our Loved Ones Again?"
"Sincere Seekers Assured Finders"
Sinners In The Hands of an Angry God"
"Spiritual Idolatry"
"Spiritual Worship"
"Stones Rolled Away I"
"Stones Rolled Away II"
"Stones Rolled Away III"
"Stones Rolled Away IV"
"Stones Rolled Away V"
"Stones Rolled Away VI"
"Stones Rolled Away VII"

Strong Faith in a Faithful God"
"Thankfulness for Mercies Received"

"The Angel's Greeting"
"The Battle of Life"
"The Bible"
"The Bliss of the Glorified"
"The Benefits of an Early Piety"
"The Care of the Soul Urged as the One Thing Needful"
"The Case Of Reason Imoartially Considered"
"The Celebration of Easter"
"The Cleansing Of Sin"
"The Compassion Of Jesus"
"The Confession Of Sin"

"The Consuming Fire"
"The Conversion of Zaccheus "
The Creation In Christ "
"The Cure of Evil-Speaking"
"The Danger of Riches"
"The Day of Golden Opportunity"
The Deceitfulness Of The Human Heart"
"The Desire of All Nations"
"The Difference Between Walking By Sight, And Walking By Faith"
"The Duty Of Constant Communion"
"The Duty of Reproving Our Neighbourgh"
"The Duty of Searching the Scriptures"
"The Easter Sermon"
"The Eloi"
"The End of Christ's Coming"
"The Essential Elements of Christian Experience"
"The Eternity of Hell-Torments"

"The Excuses of Sinners Condemn God"
"The Extent and Reasonableness of Self-Denial "
The Fainting Soul Revived"
"The Folly and Danger of Not Being Righteous Enough"
"The Forgiveness Of Sin"
"The Fruits of Grace"
"The General Deliverance"
"The General Spread of The Gospel"
"The God of The Living"
"The Good Shepherd"
The Gospel Supper"
"The Great  Commission"

"The Great Duty of Family Religion"

"The Hands Of The Father"
"The Heart With The Treasure"

"The Heavenly Treasure In Earthen Vessels"
"The Heinous Sin of Profane Cursing and Swearing"
"The Higher Faith"
"The Important Question"
"The Inner and The Outer Revelation "
"The Judgment Upon Zacharias"
"The Knowing of The Son "
The Last Judgment
The Late Work Of God In North America"
"The Lord, Our Righteousness"
"The Lord's Work "
"The Man Who Knocked At Midnight"
"The Marks of The New Birth"
"The Method of Grace"
The Ministerial Office
"The More Excellent Way "
"The Mystery of Iniquity"
"The Nearness Of The Kingdom"
"The Necessity and Benefit of Religious Society"

"The New Creation"
 The New Life 
"The New Name"
The Observation of the Birth of Christ
"The Original Property, Nature, and Use of The Law"
The People's Christ"
"The Power of Christ's Resurrection"
"The Reward Of The Righteous"

"The Pharisee and Publican"
"The Qualifications for Soul Winning"
"The Reward of the Faithful"
"The Rich Man And Lazarus "
"The Saviour Lifted Up"
"The Seed of the Woman, and the Seed of the Serpent"
"The Seven "I Will’s" of Christ "
"The Signs of The Times"
"The Sinners Excuses Answered"
"The Temptation In The Wilderness "
"The Temptation of Christ"
:The Ten Commandments "
The Twofold Use of the Law & Gospel: Letter & Spirit"
"The Unity Of The Divine Being"
"The Vain Self-Flatteries of the Sinner"
"The Wages Of Sin"
"The Welcome Visitor"
"The Wisdom of God's Counsel"
"The Wisdom of God's Counsels "
"The Witness of Our Own Spirit"
The Witness of the Spirit 1"
"The Witness of The Spirit 2"|

"They Led Him Away"
"To the Afflicted"
"Tomorrow May Be Too Late"
"True Christianity Defended"
"Upon the Social Nature of Man "

"Walking With God"
"What is Man?- Sermon103"
"What Must I Do To Be Saved?"
"What Think Ye of Christ?"
"Who Will Rise Up With Me Against The Wicked?"

"Worldly Business No Plea for the Neglect of Religion"

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