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God Bless America

11 Alive News - Atlanta
2TheAdcocate - Louisiana
7Online - New York
ABC 33/40 - Alabama
ABC News  
Arab World News  
Athens Banner Herald
Atlanta News  
Atlanta Journal/Constitution
Augusta Chronicl
Boston Globe
CBS News
Charlotte Observer
Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Tribune
CNN News
Crime News
Detroit Free Press
Fox News  
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Gadsden Times  
Georgia News
Guardian - London
Independent - London
Jerusalem Post
L A Time
Mercury Center
Miami Herald  
Modesto Bee
National Post
New York Daily News  
New York Post
New York Times
Newsday - New York
Newspapers On Line
Pilot Online - Virginia
Savannah Morning News  
Seattle Post -Washington
Sky News
Sun-Sentinel  Florida
The State Columbia
USA Today  
US News & World Report
TriCities - Tennessee
Voice Of America  
Washington Post
Washington Times
WBT TV Charlotte
WCPO-TV- Cincinnati
WJBF TV Augusta, Ga
World Net Daily
World News  
World News & Views
WRDW TV Augusta, Ga.
WSB TV - Atlanta
WTOP - Washington, D.C


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